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Would like some advice please. I currently run a dual boot system with XP Pro on disc 0 and Vista Utimate on disc 1. I would like to remove XP Pro from the equasion, leaving just Vista and recovering some hard drive space off disc 0. I have Acronis Disk Director installed on Vista drive so I was wondering (relating to another post) if I should make Vista drive active before proceeding with XP removal or not. Would appreciate proper steps sequentially on how to proceed. Have included a screenshot of present setup.


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Yes you will haev to mae the Vista drive the active system drive along with the boot drive. :wink:
But other than that you should only have to jsut remove the XP entry and format the XP drive with Acronis. After that you can recover that space for what you need.
There is no need for all those steps.

Since P: is your Vista drive and P: is also the boot drive, you can simply delete the XP drive off the map w/ any partition manager you want, reboot, and still have a working Vista install - no questions asked.