Removed my W7 BCD entry


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Please help regarding my problem.
My netbook does not show windows 7 installed in the startup menu. it only shows a neosmart entry.
I was trying to remove the other unnecessary entries and kept windows 7 as the only option. Since then i am unable to start my netbook. I dont have any external drive to use for booting so i am very helpless.

How can i start my netbook again.
Please, reply...

Sorry to hear that happened. The normal way to get back the ability to boot Windows 7 is to use the Windows 7 recovery disk.

To get access back to Windows 7 you want to use a Windows 7 recovery disk or of course you can use the Windows 7 install this if you happen to have one. Instructions for making the disc are here:
[Tutorial] Create Your Own Bootable Windows 7/Vista system Rec - The NeoSmart Forums

You could purchase a external USB DVD drive to use the disk.

TEAC PU-DVR10-A92 8X External USB 2.0 Slim CD/DVD-ROM Drive

Over at Ubuntu Forums you could make a post about how to boot a net book from a USB stick. But I don’t know if they can help you with getting the ability to boot windows back.