Removed Partition with EasyBCD

Hello, I was running dual OS, Linux MINT and Windows 7, on a single drive with two partitions. I had EasyBCD on the Windows installation. I no longer needed Windows 7, so I formatted the partition through MINT. When I restarted, the boot selection screen came up, and I am not able to get back into MINT. Has anyone else dealt with this?
If you formatted the W7 partition, the boot sector was also formatted & Easy BCD no longer exists. You need to repair the Linux partition in order to get a boot sector restored. My knowlege of Linux is very basic so I can't help with that. I'll page a colleague to help.
Windows was controlling the boot and you've removed Windows.
Peter summed it up.
Afraid my Linux knowledge is way out of date, last time I used it was before grub2 came along so restoring a grub2 boot would better be resarched on a dedicated Linux forum.
Thank you for your replies, I managed to fix it! I created a Mint installation bootable usb drive, and started up the test OS you can use with it. My first repair attempt was to format the Win7 system reserved partition, but that just gave me the "missing operating system" error. After some research, I went into the Gparted application and changed the boot partition from the Win7 System Reserved partition to the Linux Boot partition. That fixed all my problems. If anyone else runs into this, here is your possible repair!