Removing an SATA-0 Password

I have a computer and, to make a long story short, whenever I turn the computer on a black and white screen asks me for a password.

The exact words [except for the made up number and anything in brackets]:

Hard disk #AAA11111111-111A [yes I made that number up] is protected by a password.
Enter the password or press <ESC> to exit.
(Disk remains locked if <ESC> is used)
Enter password: _ [blinking line]

*After I press ESC*:

No boot device available-
strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility
Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics

I am one hundred percent that there is Windows Vista installed. When turning the computer on I cannot use F8 to use the command prompt.

I previously thought that it was a BIOS password that was being required, I now believe I am looking for an SATA-0 Password, whatever that means.

Anyways, is there a specific maneuver (motherboard wise) I must complete in order to use the computer again?

Will that process work on a desktop computer? I have a giant desktop box. Thanks!

Also, What is the HDD? Is it part of the main motherboard?
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Will this work on a desktop?

Alright so here are the steps:

Re: HDD Password bypass on boot up

hi, same problem for me: i was using my laptop only with ac power and after a power failure it asked me for hdd passwd. i tried some software and didn`t work but i solved it on my own and ill post it, maybe it works for somebody else, who knows...
- i understood that my hdd password was stored on the hdd itself so i tried as follows:
1. removed hdd from laptop`s tray (with power OFF)
2. powered ON the laptop and entered in BIOS SETUP
3. as the hdd was removed the BIOS read <none> at 1st ata device but i was able to select <ATA device type> field, which had <none> <auto> <cdrom> <user type hdd> as options
4. select <user type HDD> option and the "manual" options for the hdd appear
5. don`t change anything, remain on that page and insert the HDD drive in the tray. as it powers up the bios completed me the field vith the values for my hdd automatically.
6. go back to the field "1st ata device" and selected the <auto> option
7. go to the bios SECURITY section and in the field "HDD Password" enter a password of your choice (but remember or note it down)
8. EXIT the bios setup and SAVE CHANGES (and reboot)
9. at the HDD prompt i found now the password matched the one i entered
10. run the bios setup again and remove the hdd password for easy use purpose..

that`s it, how it did work for me. now, i believe this steps to be usefull for anyone else.
my bios type is award medallion v6.0 but i hope to work on other versions as well...

First, will these steps work on a desktop computer?
Second, where should I find the HDD?

The HDDs are in drive bays, normally just below the CD/DVD. Follow the cable from the SATA socket on the mobo.
Locating and Removing the HDD

I am not sure what the HDD looks like, I am assuming it is the unopenable drive beneath the CD/DVD Drive.Secondly, if I have located the correct drive how could I remove it? It is attached to the CD Drive with a metal sheet and various small screws. Am I to undo the screws to remove this!?
You really shouldn't be doing this yourself if you're not "at home" in the inside of your PC.

Things can go very, very badly.
The manual I linked to in your previous thread contains illustrations of the location of all the components of your PC.
You don't need to remove the HDD in the sense of "unscrew the fixings and take it out of the case" unless you want to replace it.
Those instructions really mean "disconnect" i.e. uplug either the power or data cable so that the BIOS is unaware of the existence of the device.
In a laptop "disconnect" and "remove" are synonymous, because there are no cables. The drive just plugs directly into the PC

(but CG's warning is apposite. You would be well advised to find a friend with self-build experience to walk you through the procedure)
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I don't think there is an HDD present!

So I looked in the motherboard, and under the optical drive I found two empty slots. Presumably the HDD and Floppy Drives could fit in there. Is it possible that the optical drive stores the password?Again, I do not think that an HDD Drive is present on the computer! Is it supposed to be underneath the optical CD/DVD drive? The only object beneath it is a metalic box which I think holds the power supply.P.S. Sorry to be asking so many questions!