Removing Boot Option?


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I am running Win 7 64-bit. No other OS exists. That is, this is not a dual-boot. Sometime ago I (erroneously) installed Windows Recovery Console (which does not belong in Windows 7). The boot loader now shows the Recovery Console as a boot option, but it does not work. I cannot figure out how to use EasyBCD to remove this bad option.
The settings for the bootloader are attached.
The settings for boot.ini are also attached as boot_ini.txt. Supposedly, boot.ini is not used in Window 7, but the contents of it are the contents of the THIRD boot choice when I boot.
Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the Recovery Console option? And also the Previous OS (which does not exist). The previous version shows up as "Earlier Version of Windows"


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  • boot_ini.txt
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In EasyBCD "edit boot menu", delete the XP entry.
With only one entry the boot menu should no longer be presented.
If it still appears with the single entry, you can use the "skip boot menu" option.