Removing dual boot of WinXP and Win7



I currently have Windows XP on C:\ and Windows 7 on D:\. They are separate partitions on one drive. I would like to remove Windows 7. I noticed that EasyBCD has the option to Uninstall the Vista Bootloader. Do I use that option as part of a series of steps needed to uninstall Windows 7? Or should I be doing something different that may or may not involve EasyBCD?

Thanks for any help you may have!
If XP is "system" in Disk Management (probably will be if you had an XP PC and added W7 later), then you can do what you suggested. "Uninstall Vista Bootloader" will reinstate XP's PBR and MBR and put NTLDR back in control of the boot.
From that moment on you will be unable to boot W7 again, so make sure you've finished with it first.
Then you can just format the W7 partition and do what you want with the space.
Thanks. I did as you suggested, and I was successful in getting back a single boot system using WinXP only. That was easy! :smile: