Removing EasyBCD menu list


I'm facing a weird problem...
I have a pc with 3 operating systems. Xp Prof. Win 7 and Scientific Linux 5.5.

The basic idea was to have a way, while accessing from a remote location, to choose the operating system that was going to start at the next reboot.

Doing this from inside Linux was easy, but the windows part was not.
In my first attempt, I used EasyBCD to boot the system. This worked fine, but I was unable to change the boot configuration from Linux (I don't know of any configuration file (editable file) for the new windows boot system).
To try to solve this issue, I installed neogrub (this one has a editable file that I could change from any operating system). The problem that I got here was that when I tried to select windows I always ended up in the first boot.

Boot sequence:
windows (easybcd) -> neogrub

Boot menus: Windows (EasyBcd)
Windows 7
Windows XP

Boot menus: Neogrub
Windows XP

If I wanted to go directly to windows it worked fine. If I wanted to go to Linux it also worked fine. But if I wanted to go to windows by selecting a windows option inside the neogrub menu then I always ended up in the first menu list (the windows menu list). The reason why I wanted this is because I could easily change the default system to boot into by changing the default option inside the "grub.conf" file.

After several tries I gave up this method and decided to make grub my main bootloader and windows bootloader (easybcd) my second. To achieve this I reinstalled my linux os and grub (into the MBR). I can boot Linux, and windows.
At the moment I still have the old entries in the windows menu list. When I tried to remove them from inside windows, EasyBcd could not find the entries for the old configuration.
After that, I created a new boot sequence (in EasyBcd) and placed it into the MBR. Now the pc says it cannot find "bootmgr".

Can you please tell me how can I remove this old menu list (and, I guess, entries from...somewhere...I have no idea where the old easybcd configuration is located)?

Thank you very much for your help.
thank you for your quick answer...

Does that mean that I need to use grub on the Linux side and iReboot for the Windows side?

Thank you.
Well, it means you can use iReboot to get into anything, but if you're in Linux you'll have to boot into Windows (by having it as the default), since we don't have an iReboot for Linux.