Removing EasyBCD


I no longer need to use EasyBCD and have removed all other drives/OS's and will only be using W7. Is all I have to do remove the other OS's listed in the add/remove area of EasyBCD 2.0? I want to be sure if I do, when I reboot, my BCD is not screwed up and I will simply boot diretly into W7.
I appreciate any advice.
There's no add/remove in EasyBCD 2.0 since many builds ago.
Use the latest build and the "edit boot menu" button
delete any entries for systems which no longer exist.
No problem.
Thanks. I assume I should also not mess with the W7 entry? I don't want any message while booting....just to go straight to the login.


It worked just fine on reboot.
I appreciate your help.
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