Removing Grub


I currently dual boot Ubuntu and XP (I had Vista as well, but removed it).
It really annoys me though, that when I click on Ubuntu on the bootloader, it takes me to Grub.

Is there anyway to say "Screw you Grub"? And just bypass it.


Insert the XP CD. Go into the Recovery Console and do a fixboot and fixmbr. That will get rid of GRUB. But you wont be able to load Ubuntu then....

As EasyBCD can not be used with XP alone.

I have XP, Ubuntu AND the Vista bootloader. Because I installed Ubuntu after, Grub became the default bootloader. So I did fixboot and fixmbr, and that made Vista Bootloader the default bootloader. I then edited that with EasyBCD to add the Ubuntu partition, but when I hit that, it goes to Grub, which again tells me to choose what OS I want. I only want to have to choose "Ubuntu" from the Vsta Bootloader, and have it boot into Ubuntu, not go through ANOTHER bootloader (grub).

I would also settle for setting Grub as the default bootloader, and when I select XP, instead of going to the Vista bootloader, just boot right into XP.

Cheers and thanks,