Removing Grub2



With the help of this forum and EasyBCD I succeded in dual-boothing Win7 and Ubuntu. My only gripe now is to remove grub2 totally! I find it cubersome to select Ubuntu from my start-menu AND THEN AGAIN TO SELECT UBUNTU IN GRUB!

I want Ubuntu to load automatically when I select it in my startmenu (as created by EasyBCD). Any advice?
In Ubuntu, set timeout to 0 on the 2nd menu.
It'll take the default (standard Ubuntu) boot without presenting a menu.

Sorry for sounding like a n00b, but where do I find the settings for Grub2, or do I need to edit a text file (grub.cfg?)
It used to be in menu.lst with legacy grub.
You should find it in grub.cfg now, but I'm not sure whether you can edit it directly or not.
(I upgraded to 9.10 from 9.04, so I'm still on menu.lst and haven't any experience of grub2 yet)
Someone with grub2 knowledge should be around soon, if you can't locate it.
(try Binging "grub2 timeout")
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You can edit it manually, but expect your changes to be reverted when you perform a kernel update.