Removing HP OEM Crap with the Recovery Disc

Hey Kids!

Is there a way to refomat my hard drive using my recovery disc and install only the Vista Home Premium OS leaving out all the bundled crap that I don't want?

If it helps to know, I have a HP Pavilion a6257c.

I profoundly Worship all of you, who can help me!

I really, really do hate bundled software!

Can't you "factory reset", uninstall all the cr*p till you've reached the desired bare-bones config, then image the fresh clean system with a 3rd party app and keep it as your "personal reset" disk for future emergencies.

Or quicker, if you have access to one.
Borrow a Vista DVD, Format your entire HDD, Do a Vanilla Vista install, using the key from your PC (not the one on the DVD), and image that for future recovery use.
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Don't know about HP but the Dell discs can install Windows without all the bundled software. Don't use the recovery partition though cause it restores to factory default state which would include all the software you don't want.