removing neosmart then loading

Hey guys, so I managed to reinstall my win7 using EasyBCD, but now everytime prior to the windows screen I am asked to choose to load whether my windows 7 or neosmart that I have created before. So basically my question is - how do I make my pc to boot win 7 everytime without asking me choose? I have completely removed neosmart from my laptop and all files associated with it (at least I think so) yet I still get the option to choose from win7 and neosmart when I turn on my pc. Thanks.


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Do you mean "Neogrub" ?
Neosmart is the company name, nothing to do with boot.
EasyBCD is not involved with booting the system, it's just an app to let you modify the BCD easily.
If you added an entry to the BCD and didn't remove it again when no longer needed, uninstalling EasyBCD won't get rid of it.
You'll need to reinstall EasyBCD and remove unwanted entries from the BCD (edit boot menu) before uninstalling it.