Removing Ubuntu and Going back to Vista


I have a windows XP machine that I loaded Vista on and I utilized the Vista Boot loader for a while. Then i added Ubuntu to the machine and made a mistake and let Grub take over and now it is my boot loader. Now I want to remove Ubuntu all together and go back to letting the Vista boot loader take my computer back over to determine which OS to use. I cant afford to make a mistake since this is my primary machine. Can someone tell me how to get my Vista Boot loader back. I am hoping that Easy BCD will help me. Any one ever done this before. Sorry for being such a newbie but I cant afford to be down for any time at all. And I know........never experiment with your primary machine and load other OS's. Ive learned my lesson. Thanks for any help the forum might be able to give me.
As far as I know, launch EBCD go to Manage bootloader and select reinstall Vista Bootloader, press Write MBR and reboot. I am sure another forum member will correct me if this is wrong. Cheers Chris