Removing Ubuntu


I have a successful dual boot system, had Vista installed first, then Ubuntu 7.04 was installed on a second partition. Grub replaced the Vista Bootloader and everything was fine. I now want to remove Ubuntu and delete that partition, putting the system back the way it was before, with only Vista installed.
So I installed easy BCD and with it reinstalled the Vista bootloader, this seems okay as Vista just boots normally now with its own bootloader. Is it okay now for me to just delete the Ubuntu partition? This won't affect Vista in any way?
^ hello skaramanga :smile:

as far as i know, yes you should be fine to just delete it, but i would wait for what Computer Guru says
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im not even really knowledge in easybcd lol

i have some computer knowloedge thats about it lol

i just kinda live here lol :smile: