Removing Vista 6000 (RTM)


I need help removing Vista RTM to go back to XP. I installed as an upgrade to C:\, I do have a folder "windows.old"...this is where I am so far...
Hi Truetheory, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Please open a CMD window (start -> run -> cmd.exe <Enter>) and type the following:
dir "c:\windows.old\" > desktop\contents.txt
and press enter.

Attach the file now found on your desktop called "Contents.txt" to a reply here, and I'll see what we can do.
Thanks for the quick response...

Her goes

Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 5CAE-83D3

Directory of c:\windows.old

11/17/2006 09:33 AM <DIR> .
11/17/2006 09:33 AM <DIR> ..
10/07/2006 05:41 PM <DIR> Documents and Settings
10/07/2006 12:10 PM <DIR> Program Files
11/17/2006 10:06 AM <DIR> Windows
0 File(s) 0 bytes
5 Dir(s) 14,303,571,968 bytes free
BTW, I also have a recovery partition, but when I press F11 at startup it doesn't respond as it should (as it did in xp)and F8 doesn't provide a recovery option.
ok, when I get home to burn another Vista DVD...I will try does it matter which build of vista I burn? I did notice that the RTM does not have and advance button in the lower left corner of the GUI...again thanks for your help and we'll see what happens
In my post above? Yes. I take it you didn't.

The guide is self-explanatory. If you get stuck, post.