Removing Vista from a dual boot


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Forgive me if I am re-creating a similar topic which I'm 99% sure that I am, but I am having an issue removing the Vista partition of my dual boot. I am new to this whole dual boot system to begin with and also have never removed an OS from a computer so bear with me. If someone would be kind enough to either walk me through the process or link another topic that could do so I would greatly appreciate it.

Please get the latest build of EasyBCD from here. On the Diagnositc Center page change the boot drive in order to move the boot files to another partition. Use Add/Remove Entries page to get rid of Vista's entry. Now reboot into another OS and should be able to format the partition containing that copy of Vista in disk management and extend it to other partitions to make them larger if you want if you're in another copy of Vista or Windows 7. If XP's to be the only OS remaining on the machine you don't need the Vista bootloader in charge, so go to Bootloader Management page and uninstall it.