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>_< VISTA was pre-installed on my new Gateway MX8711 notebook. Gateway refuses to help with uninstall of this VISTA garbage. First I wiped the hard drive with dban...but XP Pro wouldn't recognize the hard drive. Next I tried using demo version of DataCleaner Pro, but it hangs up on Fire Wire driver. Disabling driver did not help, it still hangs.
Intel says Gateway modified its Quanta 943GML motherboard specifically for VISTA.
WIll I need a new hard drive? Can I EVER get rid of this VISTA junk???
Help me Obewan. I'm ready to kill!!!
Hi Organics,

Download EasyBCD and install it.
EasyBCD -> Useful Utilities -> Power Console

cd bin
mbrfix /drive 0 fixmbr /yes
mbrfix /drive 0 clean

This will restore your MBR to its original condition AND DESTORY ALL DATA ON THE HARD DRIVE.

Reboot with the XP cd in the drive, it should now see the hard drive just fine :smile:
Gateway does not modify hardware, they simply repackage it.
hi, I really thank you it's a couple of days I try to find out an application like this. I've got a Packard Bell notebook with preinstalled Vista and I want XP.

only I've got my problems running --mbrfix /drive 0 clean--- the prompt says:
"Function failed. Error 32: impossibile accedere al file. Il file [greek letter] è utilizzato da un altro processo."
wich sounds like:
can't access the file X wich is used by another processo ("processo" is italian for "one of the .exe you can see listed in the second column of the task manager")
I'm quite in troble with this thing... :|
after failing the <clean> line, as before it didn't recognize the WinXP disc as a bootable one plus it didn't run Vista anymore. I had to use the recovery disc of PB to make the notebook run again. I was thinking of using the EasyBCD commands from the main prompt after closing all processes I don't know.. but after disinstalling all unkown software and stopping all porocesses I can, trying mbr/fixmbr and mbr/clean gives me: "error5: access denied." after rebooting also.

Do you know what should I do now?
I just tried twice in safe prompt mode, the fixmbr command seems to work and also the clean command doesn't give me any error message. but nothing happened, only when I rebooted the pc, Vista doesn't started (but Vista IS there because I saw a Vista screen pushing ctrl+alt+canc ..) and now I'm recovering again from the PB disc..

again the problem is XP disc is not recognized as a bootable one.

I'm in doubt if that's a Packard Bell trick, should I call'em?
:right: should I connect the notebook to a desk and erase from there? :left:
That would work. As would a PartitionMagic or Disk Director boot CD.

However, you'll need a special adaptor to connect the notebook HD to the desktop, not something you'd have lying around the house.

DL either PM or DD, boot from the CD, select tha hard drive and choose to "clean" the mbr.
really thanks for yor suppoort, but after all I have to be sorry with you.
I was trying to boot with a SP1 edition wich requires the floppy disc..
however partiotion magik dowsn't suopprt Vista and Disk Creator requires an internet activation wich I don't dispose of now.

I installed an SP2 and will an Ubuntu as the thunders stops outta here, really thank you for your interest and support.