Removing XP from Dual Boot System w/Vista


Here is what I have set up as far as drives go from my motherboard's perspective:

SATA 1 - Dual boot XP/Vista
SATA 2 - NTFS data drive
SATA 3 - NTFS data drive
SATA 4 - NTFS data drive

Partition 1: Windows XP
Partition 2: Windows Vista Ultimate

I would like to remove (format) partition 1 and copy partition 2 in its place, then reformat partition 2. In essence removing the dual boot?

I know I will have issues with boot manger (i.e. Grub). Is there a specific change I should make to the Vista Bootloader entry.
It depends on how you plan on moving the data over from the 2nd partition to the first. If you do a clone or image of the drive it should be just fine.

Moving this to Vista Support as this isnt EasyBCD related.
I planned on using Norton Ghost 12, but at the moment I'm having issues with NG12 seeing the VISTA partition to be backed up.

The question I had in my previous post was "Is there a specific change I should make to the Vista Bootloader entry? Of course I'm using EasyBCD to do this.

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Hi Mike, welcome to NST.

Only thing you need to check: is it the XP or the Vista partition that is the system/boot partition?

If you can paste the contents of EasyBCD | Diagnostics Center | Copy Debug Data?


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Okay this topic has got me all confused. When i read this it seemed to me that this would be a wasy solution. Other than making sure the boot info was on the Vista drive and that it was teh Active Boot drive, wouldnt it just be a matter of deleting the XP entry?

At least that is how i saw this question and why i thought of it the way i did. Of course the big thing is the boot info location and the Vista drive status but as far as the EasyBCD stuff isnt that just a quick deletion? I must be looking at this totally wrong.
Sure, you can remove XP from the boot menu by just deleting the entry with EasyBCD... But if the boot info is on the XP partition, you can't delete it without some serious trouble.
At that point wouldnt the Vista DVD to recover the startup work? The Vista REcovery Disc that we have in the Wiki should also work if the Vistapartition isnt the one that contains the boot info right?

I mean grated i should have mentioned the part about making sure the boot info was on the Vista drive and that was the active and boot drive. That was my fault sorry.
Yeah, that's exactly what I was going to recommend - just wanted to make sure he needed to do it first :wink:
Okay. That is the only reason why i didnt think this was a EasyBCD situation. Because there was other means than thru EasyBCD to accomplish the task at hand. :wink: