Removing XP


I have a dual-boot of Windows XP and Windows 7 where XP is installed first. Now, I want to remove the XP for good. I have search in this forum and found that the easiest way is to do:

EasyBCD 2.0 > BCD Backup/Repair > Change boot drive, and then point it to W7 when it asks.

OK. I have done that and reboot my PC. The boot screen still showing the option to choose whether I want to boot from XP or Win7. I chose Win 7. Once logged in, I checked on the Win 7 partition, and it shows the "Boot" folder and "bootmgr" system file. So, I guess it went fine.

Now, how do I get rid of the XP? Can I simply delete the partition? If I do that, would windows boot OK, meaning it will boot straight to Win 7 and not having an error (because the XP partition is now gone)? Or, should I remove the XP from the boot option first and then proceed with deleting the partition?

PS: I want to delete the XP partition (rather than re-formating it) because I want to move the Win 7 partition to the front/outer of the disk.

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Delete the entry, than delete the partition. Disk management should allow you to extend Windows 7's partition.
Disk Management won't allow you to extend your W7 partition at the start, only at the high end.
To reuse space in front of W7 you'll need to use a bootable 3rd-party W7-compatible partition manager.
I did it last night and all went well. I used 3rd party partition manager to move the Win 7 partition to the front of the disk.

Thank you all.