Repair Bootloader from Vista

i had a successful dual boot setup on my hp dv9500 notebook. after endless issues with my Vista installation i decided to format and upgrade. i formatted my Vista partition and reinstalled. the bootloader is not recognizing my XP installation anymore. i tried using Vista Boot Pro and also tried activating the partition through Computer Management. Any suggestions of repair the bootloader other than reinstalling XP?

Mak 2.0

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Did you install EasyBCD and add a XP entry? From there did you make sure that the XP boot file were on the boot drive?
apparently i cant get or find the xp boot file


any ideas? or anyone have the two files in the screenshot above? the link provided appears to be broken


got em. trying now


still no go. got the same error. any ideas?


got it. sorry for the pointless thread =X
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Mostly Harmless
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No problem, glad you got it to work.