Repair Disc Won't Work

Hi, when my grandson couldn't help I searched for help on line and came across NEO SMART :>( I have windows 7 and an error code OXCooooooE I left my Dell desk computer on overnight and in the morning it was off and when I turned it on I got the error code.
I tried un successfully to boot up with a repair disc. I did make sure I was booting from the CD drive. I did a diagonistic and the "pre boot" test indicated no issues found with memory. I purchased the Win. 7 Neo Smart repair disc for Win 7 Pro. Not successful .Made second disc thinking the first one was not good,,,same problem exists,,,EXCEPT after I ran the repair disc the error code changed to OXC 000000F . I wish I bought a repair program that had "live" help . Can someone help . I'm not a computer guru but can follow instructions

Thank you so much.



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