Repairing Vista MBR and Track 0


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I have a corrupted boot loader on my Vista boot hdd. When I try to recover using the Vista start up dvd, my hdd (in its entirety) cannot be detected. I have successfully attached the boot hdd as an additional hdd to another Win 7 machine which can see the disk and its partitions and files and folders etc from Win7. Can I use EasyBCD to 'fix' my Vista boot loader etc from the Win 7 machine? If not, is there anyway of rescuing this boot disk?
Turn off hiding of files/folders/protected OS files in Folder Options. Copy over anything important from the disk in case this doesn't work... open EasyBCD > File > Select BCD Store. Go to that drive's BCD store (should be at x:\boot\bcd). Than go to Bootloader Setup > Install the Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR > Write MBR.