Repait NTLDR inside grub


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I had installed Windows 7 on second partition and Linux in inner extended drive partition.

Configuration was such that I had grub on MBR, with option to boot to windows 7.Now i have deleted the first partition with boot folder gone.

However it has not affected grub.
So i still get grub menu but when i select Windows option,i get NTLDR missing error.

How do i go in order to dual boot windows 7 and Linux.

I still have first partition empty.
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NTLDR is the XP bootloader, not the Windows 7 bootloader. Windows 7 uses a file called "bootmgr" instead which is stored in the root of the "system" partition according to Disk Management. So, no idea why you're getting the NTLDR missing error, unless you have an XP system on there that you haven't told us about.
By the sounds of it, that first partition you deleted must have contained your Windows boot files, which is why you can't boot Windows 7.

To fix this, follow Justin's advice above (only making sure that this time your Win 7 partition is set to "active" so the boot files which Startup Repair recreates goes to the right place).