req help to recover Vista in ACER M5640



I have M5640 that came with pre-installed Vista. I installed Kubuntu on a 2nd drive (I add additional drive) and been dual booting using GRUB happily. I got pissed of with Vista and installed XP on a separate partition on the 2nd drive. Installing XP corrupted the Vista bootloader and now system boots into XP only. Vista installation is still intact on the 1st drive.
I tried Vista Recovery Disk from this site, it fails to find the disk (lack of drivers) and could not find the matching setup config. I understand M5640 uses nVidia® GeForce® 7100 and nForce® 630i chipset. Could you please help me to resolve this.

Yes. I used the recovery Disk. The error was "unable to load drivers" or something like that, meaning unable to find the disk for lack of drivers. Probably the recovery disk does not contain driver for nForce chipset.

I had a similar situation where the Vista DVD couldn't find a Vista installation to repair and went into the "load drivers" routine.
I solved the problem by disconnecting the second disk before booting the DVD, then it was able to see the Vista system on the only connected disk and went ahead with the repair.
Once the Vista boot was repaired on the main disk, the second disk was reconnected.
My situation was different, in that the second disk didn't contain any bootable systems, so I didn't have to do anything more after reconnecting it.
In your case, if this works, you'll also need to add the entries for the other systems in the BCD once you've got Vista booted, to re-establish your triple boot.
Mak, the recovery partition is not deleted. Through grub I can boot into recovery mode. I think XP installation has overwritten the Vista boot loader and redirecting the system to boot from XP partition. It is the typical XP installation after Vista issue. I am looking for tools or methods to recover Vista so that I can boot from three OS through GRUB or BCD.

I will try Terry's suggestion.
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Hi all,

I have solved the problem by reinstalling the Vista boot loader. I used Vista Boot Pro program which I was able to execute from XP.

Terry's suggestion did not work.

Thanks everyone for the help.