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Looking at the neoSmart instructions on this page 100% Apache-Compliant REQUEST_URI for IIS and Windows! The NeoSmart Files I am stuck with number 3 - it says:

"Open your PHP home directory (where php.ini is), and locate the following lines: [sourcecode language='java']auto_prepend_file = auto_append_file = [/sourcecode]and change them to [sourcecode language='java']auto_prepend_file = "c:/php/" auto_append_file = [/sourcecode]Where "c:/php/" is replaced with the directory where you extracted"

Am I being dim here? Which file is this code found in? It just says open the directory and locate the lines of code - they are not in php.ini and there is no httpd.ini in this directory - do we need to make one here?

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does anyone know what I mean? :nerd:
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Hello Nubz,

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

When Guru gets on he will be the one to answer your question. He is hte one who designed this and mainly only he can give you the correct answer.