Requesting Assistance with Recovery Partition

So, I wasn't liking Vista all too well when I first got my Lenovo 3000 N200 (Type 0769) and I decided to downgrade to Windows XP a year later. Now, I've pretty much wiped the XP partition and want to reinstall the factory defaults from the recovery partion which I HAVEN'T deleted and left intact luckily. I've downloaded the torrent that lets me boot up the Vista installer but it seems that it won't detect Vista at all when I want to repair. [C:] is my Local Disk, [X:] is Boot and [E:] is what I'm assuming is the recovery partition (marked ServiceV002) and [D:] is my CD Drive. The only reason I wiped out the XP partition was because Rescue and Recovery wasn't working due to a missing file (x:\Preboot\Utils\Convert.cmd). I'm going ahead and taking a guess that the Command Prompt is the only way out of my problem so I can reinstall Vista and make my laptop usable again... Thing is, what do I type down...?
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Our recovery disc only provides the utilities to repair an existing Windows Vista installation. It can't be used to re-install Vista or to initiate the factory reset proccess from your recovery partition if you have one. The recovery partition is probably unbootable at this point if it still exists on the drive, which cannot be recovered unless theres a working OS with OEM software installed that can access the recovery partition that way. Now if you don't have a recovery disc that came with your computer you'll need to request one over the phone with the OEM or borrow a Vista DVD from a friend, using the product key on the sticker found on the side or top of your computer.
How to Recover VISTA from the factory file located in the recovery partition

Here is the way to Recover from the factory file located in the recovery partition, use that if you're not able to boot on this partition. I assume your C: drive has been gparted (delete / recreate as a empty ntfs one) :
You will need your vista dvd / CD for this. Else download one from neosmart web site – vista 32 or 64 bits.

I will be assuming that C: is your Operating system partition and D: is your recovery partition.

1. Boot the computer using your vista dvd / CD.
2. Select Repair. Then select command line.
3. Goto your recovery drive and then to the tools folder by typing following on the command prompt :

cd tools

4. Then type this on the command prompt :

imagex /apply d:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 c:\

5. This will start the recovery process which will complete itself in 10-15 minutes.
path d:\windows;d:\windows\system32

6. Type exit on the command prompt at the end.
7. Reboot your computer from your hard disk.

If still an issue to start, go back to the CD again, do a repair. The CD will detect your installation and must choose to repair the startup. Do that. And reboot. You’re good to go .

Finally, I have to say that the only important thing is to get this factory file, the rest is smoke and mirrors.