Restoration Incomplete

I downloaded AVG's 8.0 anti-virus & ran it.Everyting was fine until I started to delete what I thought was spyware.A box came up saying "Deleting some things may make your computer unstable or crash" Do you wish to continue? I click "NO" It asked me 3 times I repeated NO.My computer shut down & re-booted.When it came back on it had the original Desktop Screen from the factory settings, some of my desktop I-cons were missing,all my flies in "My computer" were gone as well as my pictures.I went to "restore" ran it but it would not work.It said "restoration incomplete" I tried 4 different dates but it would'nt work.Then I noticed it had put about 20 shortcut copies of Restore in my" All Programs " menue as well as 15 "HP Organizer"and a couple of "command prompts" I ran a different Virus program it showed no viruses.Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get System restore to work on a HP Pavillion without having to use the restoration disk?
Sounds like the Restore points were all corrupt as well. You might have to create a new profile and see if you can import your old profile data to the new one.
I gotta tell ya I'm always amazed at this forum!!Went to that site,got the info,found all my files,improvised on the instructions{more like clicked and dropped files}and once again was saved.You guys are the best! Thanks again.
Not a problem. Glad it is working for you. If you have any more issues please stop on back. We are always glad to help out.