Restore a backup from inside Windows Recovery Disk (CMD)

Hi people.
I recently added dual boot functionality to my laptop. And like a N00B, I accidently reset BCD Configuration without recreating some entries, so now I get a lovely error message every time I boot!
I do have a backup of the BCD saved to my desktop, and I want (NEEEEDDD!) to find a way of restoring that into the BCD, or find a way of removing BCD if that will fix it. For some reason I can still get access to my Linux distro on it, by changing the BIOS boot mode, but no access to windows (8.1). If there is anyone that can help then please do.

is there a way of restoring a backup through command prompt? OR
is there a way to remove EasyBCD and revert back to whatever there was before that was installed?
- Jake


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
If you have the backup of the BCD, simply copy it to \boot\bcd on the boot partition, overwriting what's currently there.
I tried that, but it didnt do anything, and because of the structure of my laptops hard drive it was a little confusing. In the end I just did a backup of the hard drive, whiped it, reformatted it, reinstalled windows, and added my files back. Long winded I know, but it worked, and I have my laptop back working 99% the way it was before. Thanks for the help anyway