Restore Vista bootloader on external drive?


Well, I have to send my laptop in for repairs, which has Vista, XP, and Linux. Guess what!? The Linux voids the warranty (XP might too). :angry:

So I'm trying to remove both of them before I take it in. The laptop itself is dead, turns on but wont load anything (not even a CD/DVD). I am connecting to the hard drive through a SATA to USB connection.

I can remove the other partitions no problem(I think), but I am using GRUB (openSUSE 11.0) as the bootloader.

Can someone help me restore the Vista bootloader? Or have it load Vista instantly? Just anything so they don't see the Linux. :scared:

Also, is there any way to boot up from the hard drive to test it out?
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Vista will not boot from a External Enclosure. You would have to use a PE enviroment to get it working.
The repair would haft to find the installation. Even if it did, startup repair wouldn't touch it and maual commands assume you're working with any installation on what Windows considers to be a valid disk that it can detect.

Long story short, if the drive can't be used to boot Vista, the repair won't even touch it.