Restore Win 7 loader after Ubuntu install

I have a Win 7 installation, and then installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a new partition, but used the automatic configuration, because I didn't know about your instructions. So the GRUB is installed on hd0 as ubuntu does by default, and not in the partition where I installed ubuntu.
Now when I boot my system and try to enter windows 7, always appear things like chkdisk and so.
I would like to have the windows loader, with dual-boot, I installed easybcd 2.0 beta, but there are a lot of options that i don't find how to use in the usual documentation.
Thank you for your help.
Use the latest build (complete UI redesign)
Bootloader Setup / Reinstall Vista/7 boot loader / write MBR
Add new entry / Linux tab / grub2 dropdown.

You will also need to boot the Ubuntu CD in live mode and reinstall grub to the Linux boot sector, not the MBR this time (read down to the note in red)
Thank you terry60, with easyBCD I recovered the Windows MBR, but I'm still having problems trying to recover the ubuntu grub and install it on the linux boot sector, I tried both methods listed in that page, and nothing worked. I'm checking more grub tutorials, but for the moment I've had no succes.