Restoring from A hidden partition after formatting main partition


question - HDD is 2 partitions = 1-hidden 5Gb ' restore ' + 1-106Gb ' local drive '

local drive is = in a state of ' un-useable ' = unformatted. <-=-= THE ISSUE ??
( even OEM XP CD don't want to know . . .) - cannot format it !

hidden is readable ( using parted magic */? ) & UBCD / SuperGrub

it's a vista laptop, with everything going for it . . . . .

It just won't do anything close too, starting it's - self repair mode ??

( UBCD & SuperGrub - are confusing to use ) [btw supergrub is un-bootable]

intel logo {lower right} &
[f2 setup] / [f12 boot menu] along bottom (C)Phoenix

. . . . any ideas ?????

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From your post, I understand your main partition is corrupted.

However, it's not possible to have a partition "so corrupted" that it cannot be formatted. And I don't understand what you mean when you discuss the hidden partition. Can you re-summarize your situation, this time in separate, full sentences?