Restoring from A hidden partition after formatting main partition


Hi I was having problems with Vista and thought I would put my Win XP on this machine instead, Knowing that I had Vista on the hidden partition I never thought anything of it.

I formatted the C drive and installed XP, but I found that I was having more problems with that than Vista. Anyway is there a way back to my hidden partition?

I have done the F8 for the menu but I find no way back to the hidden X: partition on my ZooStorm.

Will using the Vista recovery disk I downloaded allow me to get back to the hidden partition or have I totally destroyed the chances of getting it restored to factory default?

Thanks for any help! I am going out of my head trying to find a way

To keep yourself from completely destroying an operating system and installing a new, different OS.
Try creating an image of the C partition and saving it on a second hard drive.
That way if you don't like the new OS you can restore the original one in minutes and be right back where you started from
If your PC was created from scratch with Vista, you have probably encountered the same problem described in another thread today
If so, you need to find a friend with a Vista DVD and reinstall Vista using your own PC's key (not the one on the DVD). That's perfectly legal.
If you let Vista format the disk when you start, then you must continue to use Vista to repartition the drive (or a new Vista compatible 3rd party manager). Alternatively you can pre-format with any old partition manager then install Vista into one of the existing partitions.