Restoring Vista to new hard drive but restore CD's not working and HP won't support


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I'm helping a friend whose hard drive died and hence the restore partition along with it. I ordered from HP a new set of Vista restore CD's but after multiple attempts they don't work. I've tried to get HP to send me new one but they won't even talk to me because the laptop is out of warranty.

I initialized the new hard drive which is the same as the former (320GB) and was able to format, assign, make active, etc. from my laptop thru a USB SATA external drive connection. I even did a BootSect but I still get a bootmgr is missing when I put the hard drive into my friends laptop.

I've booted up with a Vista Toshiba restore disk and got into command prompt and tried BootRec but it can't find any previous version of Windows so it won't proceed.

We've been days on this and I'm wondering if one of the NeoSmart products would work?

I can't find a downloadable version of Vista because that would work as we have the key code.

I think my friend would be willing to upgrade to Windows 7 but we can't find a downloadable solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Our products are for recovery of failed bootloaders and other related items. Our disks and products do not contain the install information for any version of Windows.