Robustness mending dual boot Windows 7 & XP Pro ?


Hi guys,

I have installed a dual boot the wrong way round :frowning: :shame:

I installed XP on Partition 2, then messed it up by installing Windows 7 on Parttition 1, so that there is no XP boot loaders etc. (i.e. did not run custom install)

In everyone's opinion what's better & reliable ?...
Shall I reinstall XP and then W7, from scratch - or is it just as robust to alter the W7 boot to include NTLDR etc?

If it's just as robust to alter the W7 boot, is there a FAQ to describe the installation? :wtf:



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Hello Chocalate, welcome to NST.
Robustness aside, I want to say, you did fine by installing W7 after XP, and that's the way it should be...newer OSes after older OSes.
All you got to do now is download EasyBCD 2.0, run it, add an XP entry, and let it auto-configure, and you'll have your dual-boot.



P.S. First link in my sig is the FAQs.


Thanks Jake



FWIW, the documentation link in EasyBCD is really good, and I apologise for not reading it well enough before messaging here.

In particular, my problems were resolved by noting:
(In configuring the bootloader) This is not necessarily the drive that the Operating System is installed to! because at one point I was trying to change the wrong partitition!
All is good now, but I've more to learn.




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Hey Choc,

We all have loads to learn, so that's quite OK :smile:
A lot of effort went into the documentation, so it should contain at least some nuggets of intel that'll make your life a bit easier :wink: