Royally screwed up, need help getting back into Windows 7...

Ooops seems I can't ask over in the Easy Recovery CDs section. Sent an email to support.

I have a dual boot machine--windows 7 and Linux Mint 17. In Mint 17, I used Grub 2 to create a Splash page, and I have Windows 7 in it. Its the first boot option page that comes up. I click on Windows 7 and it takes me to the Windows Boot Manager page, and I usually have to select Windows 7 again, which is a bit annoying...

So I decided to change the default in EasyBCD back to Windows 7 vs Linux and change the timeout to 0 so that it would boot automatically into Windows 7 after clicking on the MBR's GRUB2 option of windows 7.


What I did last night was get into EasyBCD to change the default back to Windows 7, but instead I deleted...yes, delected Windows 7 completely somehow. Now I only get another option for Linux. (I think I tried to just delete Linux under EasyBCD, and that was my mistake. "Saved" built me a really bad Boot Manager.)

If I order, will the Recovery CD re-create a Windows 7 entry through Auto repair? Will it work at all for my situation?

THanks, Kim PS: Don't have the Windows 7 install CD(s).
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If you have access to W7 (anywhere)
Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Create Repair Disc
will give you the "startup repair" facility from a Retail W7 DVD.