Run EasyBCD from XP


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I had dual boot set up with XP and W7 (XP first). Using EasyBCD from W7, I restored the MBR to the XP boot, so no more dual boot. But the W7 partition is still there. I installed EasBCD 2 beta in XP but it won't run. I get error message "Error Opening BCD Registry", It can't find it. Can I fix this?

My goal is to restore the system to dual boot by just installing the W7 (Vista?) boot loader.
yeah i have the same problem i copied everything that was on the CD to my hard drive, and installed it from there. But when i went to run "priv.exe" it says, "privateer CD not found. JEMM unloaded" what can i do to get it to work??
Hi Assus, welcome to NST.
I'm not sure I understand your problem...
What was the CD you copied the contents of to your hard drive?
What did you install?

If you can't run EasyBCD on XP, because it can't find the BCD store, you should specify which OSes you have on your computer, i.e. you should say if you even have Vista or W7 installed (if not, there wont even be a BCD to perform operations on, hence no reason to use EasyBCD). Also, if you do have Vista or W7 installed, you can follow Justin's advice above, and manually point it at the BCD, which should be stored at /boot/bcd on your "system" partition (as seen from Disk Management).