Run EasyBCD without Vista


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Well, I am trying to set up a system with Red Hat Linux and Windows XP - I want to boot linux off the boot.ini (and I know this is possible, but am having some problems)

I remember reading somewhere that there was a way to use the Vista bootloader to boot all your operating systems even if you dont have vista on the system, and I could then use EasyBCD to manage the partitions. My thing right now is that I cant boot linux because the linux bootloader is on the partition for linux, and not on the MBR

Anyone have suggestions for how to fix this?!? :brows:
^ hello Jedd ^_^

i read somewhere on here, i dont know where it is, and im too tired At the moment to find it, but i think that if you have your XP up-to-date on the NT something lol (im sorry)

Computer Guru will answer it for sure ^_^
Hi everyone. I found this thread through a google search and tried the tutorial from the link you provided Computer Guru, but it didnt work. It said everything had completed so i restarted my computer but now i cant boot into windows XP anymore...

I was wondering if you could please help me fix this.
Hi Phantom, welcome to NST.
You could start by looking in the XP troubleshooter and if that doesn't describe your problem (and solution), post back with a little more detail of what's happening.