Run Vista Recovery from USB


I know I asked this yesterday...but I was one of the unfortunate soles that was lost this morning :frowning:. How do you run the recovery disk from a USB flashdrive instead of a cd (my cd/dvd player doesn't work)? I changed the bios to start up from the usb hard drive but it is not recognizing it.
Hi lep, no problem. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I replied yesterday, here it is again.

You need to make the USB bootable first. Just run EasyBCD on another PC, and use the Create Bootable External Media feature. Select the USB drive and let it make it bootable.

Then extract the files from the ISO image with WinRAR or 7z to the USB, and add a new WinPE entry in EasyBCD pointing to the .wim file on the USB. Make sure to tick the 'force portable entry' option.