Runing Win 7 and XP but cant get xp to boot


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I had windows 7 installed I partioned the hard drive and installed XP on the new partion after the install XP booted fine from the hard drive so I am sure the boot was installed. However I noticed the drives were lettered differently than when win 7 had booted. I shut down the computer and restarted and when I reached the boot option the XP wont boot. Anyone point me in a direction to start trouble shooting?
There's nothing wrong (or unusual) in the two OSs using different letters to refer to partitions/devices. Those letters are not real, just entries in the registry of each OS. Different registries, so different letter maps until/unless you manually reset those which aren't locked to match across your OSs.
Are you using the latest version of EasyBCD and did you add an XP entry to the W7 BCD using auto-configure ?
Have you reinstated the W7 boot after the XP install regressed it ?
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