Running EasyBCD 2 on Windows 8


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reet , to get easybcd 2 to run on windows 8 build 7955 x86 go to "Control Panel" (view by large icons (much easier)) then go to "Programs and features" now at the top right under view installed updates you should see "Turn Windows Features on or off" click it and wait. now in the small window that pops up scroll down to "Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1" make sure that you have NOTHING RUNNING and tick the box so that a blue square shows in the tick box .. thats all not a full tick in the box all you want is a blue box then click on the "ok" button wait ..then load easy bcd 2 .

again its for windows 8 build 7955 M2 this might also work on older or later builds .

enjoy .. even if it was some other place online now we have it here also ..
Hi bobert,

I'm sure future builds of Windows 8 will have .NET enabled by default, I can't imagine MS would ship a copy of Windows without it!

Thanks for sharing that tip though. I'll see if I can write up a program to automate that when EasyBCD is run for the first time.
It only has net 4 enabled by default.

Some other interesting stuff may be on the way - ability to do a repair install from winre.wim

Be great to add easybcd to that - then it will on the recovery disc users can run off as well.
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Interesting. I have a copy, but haven't had a chance to test it out.

It would really send the wrong message if .NET 3.5 was disabled by default. Microsoft has a long track record of being committed to backwards compatibility - it wouldn't make any sense for them to force people to write software that targets XP - 7, and other software for Windows 8. I'd have to re-compile EasyBCD twice, one for .NET 2.0 and once more for 4.0 in order to guarantee it'd "just run" regardless of the machine configuration.

Or I'll figure out how to programmatically enable 3.5....
I think you are right about RTM - pretty sure 3.5 will be enabled by default for that.

However, the way have it set up now indicates what they would like to do - if they could.

There is also an app. for creating a "portable workspace center".

I would hazard a guess that involves a copy of win 8 booting from UFD via a vhd.

Along these lines :

Deploying Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 on USB Flash Drive

I have a fair idea it can be done right now with win 7 as well.

Bit of mucking about in the registry needed to get it boot via usb.
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