Running Windows 7 from a USB Drive

Hello, I'm looking for advice.

I have this HP notebook whose hard drive failed, and installing a new one is a real pain. I have to basically take the whole thing apart to get to the hard drive. (HP Sleekbook 15 - no optical drive).

Is there a way to run the operating system from an external Hard Drive? I have a Windows 7 iso and a license key. I'd need to run the OS from the usb drive. I've read it might be possible by using a Virtual Drive, but I've also read it doesn't really work out.

Can it be done successfully, and is it worth the hassle to install and run from a usb drive or should I simply sell the laptop for parts?

Thank you.


Staff member
You can only run Windows 7 from an eSATA connected device...officially... but if you Google "run Windows 7 from a usb flash drive", without the "" of course, you'll get some interesting results.
If that were me I'd plug it into another computer and wipe the hard drive, if possible, then scrap it or recycle it.