Runtime error in XP

Hi everyone -
I have Vista, and installed XP in another partition. I got XP up and running, installed all the drivers, and then started working on my dual boot. I got the Microsoft .NET framework and then easyBCD. When I opened EasyBCD, it said it couldn't find the boot drive - so i told it C:, even though XP is installed on E:. Then, when I repaired the Vista boot loader, and went to add an entry for XP. But when I clicked on add, a Runtime error came up, but it didn't have much information on it. It was like an invalid reference call, and asked me if i wanted to continue (basically abort, retry, fail), and i pressed continue. It didn't add the entry. I tried again, same error. Reboot, and now i'm back in vista and no XP!
Any ideas?