Safe Eyes Removal

Hello Everyone!

I have a new Windows Vista—Dell Optiplex 330 desktop computer. After I managed to get into the Vista OS (it needed a BIOS password to get in), I discovered that “Safe Eyes” an internet monitoring and restricting program was installed.

This program, meant for use on children to protect them from the dangers of the internet, was required for the children who previously used the computer.

However, the program allows the children to only visit two sites: and I cannot check my e-mail on this computer! I have tried uninstalling it only to find a password is required, which I do not know. I also tried uninstalling it via command prompt; however, “Safeeyes” does not appear on the list of installed programs.

I am really regretting purchasing this computer ($400.00), does someone know how to uninstall Safe eyes from a computer? I would really appreciate it! :happy:

Try running regedit, navigate to
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run
and delete the line that starts it automatically at boot.
Then reboot the PC and try the browser again.
Man... I spent 2 minutes waiting for this page to load, wondering wth a post about removing one's eyes in a safe manner (posted by a "successful doctor" no less) was doing on NST.... :lol: