Safe Mode Support in EasyBCD


I've just re-built my PC with a dual boot. XP Home on my C Drive, Vista Home Premium on my V drive. Then I discovered this prog, and I've managed to re-name by "Previous version" description.

I'd like however to add an option to boot into Safe mode. I've managed to do it in XP, and it works, giving me a second choice after the first screen.

I can't see any way to do it in Vista tho.

Can anyone help please.


Hi Colin,

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

To tell you the truth: I have no clue, but that's a damn good question!

Let me drop an email to the Windows Vista developers and see if I can't add this feature in EasyBCD 1.61


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Not to bump up this topic but there is a answer to this.

To get into Vista's Safe Mode when you have the BCD up and the Windows Vista selection highlighted. Jsut hit F8 then. It will give you the Safe Mode options for Vista.

I know with XP you have to wait that half second after you select the OS. But for Vista you just hit F8 at the selection screen to get Safe Mode. If you want that as part of your boot selection then Guru will have to help you. But i dont think a extra key hit is that bad of a option. :wink:
This has been really bugging me.. I can't see a way to do it - but at the same time, there must be a way, because it's what happens when you select F8 before you even press boot.

When you select Safe Mode from the F8 menu, Windows Vista's Bootloader is obviously triggering a flag somewhere that tells winload.exe to use safe mode.... I just can't find it!

I look forward to getting the new version

Thanks for your interest, and for keeping me informed. Little touches like this make a difference.