Samsung D980


I had it for like a month and a half and it's the first time my phone was turned off. I accidently dropped it making the battteries fall off. So it turned off by itself. When I turned it on it was asking me for a phone code but I don't remember having a phone code. I tried lots of number like 1234, 12345, 12345678, 00000000 and so on. But I still don't know what code it is. Can anyone help me? I want this phone code off. Or I should bring it to a cell phone repair shop? How much would it cost?
Kim, you should refer to your phone manual. Sometimes its your phone number. Your SIM card should be located beneath the battery for the phone (you should make sure its fully inserted). You can try hitting the cancel button if it offers it and doing a master reset on the phone (you'll lose your phonebook/textmessages). If its asking for a security code rather than a unlock code you well need to take it back to the store or call customer support (which you would be better off doing cause the guy at the counter in a store would probably just replace the phone--costing you more).
I did all that. And yeah I did go to a repair shop, a SAMSUNG store (thank GOD.). So all he did was reset it, and my phone finally worked AGAIN and it's for free (because of warranty). So there, thanks Justin!