So I was doing a update with windows 7 pro on my secondary partition, and my mom turned off my pc by mistake. Now it wont even boot up, and when it does boot up 1/20 tries it lags so much and freezes constantly, the OS check said I should replace the hdd because it failed. I was wondering if I can get a usb to sata converter and obtain the files from the corrupted hdd.
Well, we don't provide an adapter :smile:

But yes, that should do the trick if you think the hard drive is bad. Perhaps you should run chkdsk first though? It may be able to fix any problems you may be having: chkdsk c: /r
You can also try system restore from the Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools menu, to put the system back before the update was applied.

Recommendation for an adapter? I've got a Startech IDE/SATA to USB adapter handy when I go out to work on people's computers.
Chkdsk said the hdd had gone bad. It fails to load and freezes on the load up screen for 10 minutes then goes to blue screen lol. I had vista and win 7 on a dual boot. I corrupted only the wwin7 part so my vista files should be right ok? Also system restore is a no go, it freezes when i try to do anything. Is there a software for extracting data from corrupted hdds?
Ok If you're happy you've rescued everything you need, you can format the disk now (full - not quick)
That will analyze the disk surface and permanently remove from use any bad areas.
Then reinstall W7, let WUD bring you back up to speed (handcuff your mom to a radiator till it's finished), and reinstall your apps and data.