SATA setting in BIOS keeps changing on its own! Any thoughts as to why or how??

Weird- A while back I awoke to the BSOD on my HP Pavilion desktop running Vista Home Premium. I eventually found that it was a result of the SATA setting in BIOS was set to RAID, (which it shouldn't be since I do not have a dual drive set up). I reset the SATA setting back to ACHI and its been fine since. I wondered if was a result of a windows automatic update, (computer set to update at 3am), thus i found it when I got up in the morning, or something strange like that. It just happened again a cpl days ago. I went back into the SATA setting to find it was once again on RAID. So now I'm really thinking it has to do with an auto update, but I can't find any talk about that occuring.

Any thoughts on what is causing this to happen??

I'd appreciate any info.



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How old is the PC ? More specifically, how old is the CMOS battery ?
Has the PC also lost track of the date/time ?
The BIOS settings are maintained by that 3v CR2032 battery on the mobo.
Hi Terry, thanks for responding.

The PC is about 5 yrs old now, but actually the Mobo is just a couple months old, it was just recently replaced. I had a harddrive quit working and the cpu was still under warranty so when it was in to replace the HD, they determined the mobo was also bad.

So I don't seem to be having any other noticeable issues. No date/time issues.


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Visser, I've seen weird motherboard behavior when a new USB device is connected or disconnected when the machine is turned on or rebooted.

I would look for a BIOS update.
Thanks for the reply Computer Guru. I wouldn't have thought about anything like that. Makes sense that it could have been something like that. I'll check. Thanks.