Saw the heart surgeon this morning.....


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Unfortunately the prognosis isn't good. My heart, or rather the arteries around it, wouldn't permit surgery without a grave risk of me snuffing it on the operating table. So I am, at least for the time being, to continue with my current medications and keep my fingers crossed that I don't have any problems in the near future.
Not the news I was hoping for but there you go, there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Bummer Peter,
Keep taking the tablets then.
(and best avoid slanging matches on other forums while you're at it, stick to the friendly sites like NS)
My dad has problems with his heart :frowning: But oh well... thats life.. I used to have some problems too, they said we got it from my dad's mother. Thats how it got to me, its not very dangerous but it can hurt in for like a half an hour it feels like I have a heavy stone on my heart, it makes me heart to breathe, it happens each 4-5 years time, it happend 3 years ago last time.

All the best, Peter!
Sorry to hear this Peter. It is sad news indeed. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope for nothing but the best. I hope that the saying the good die young does not apply here. I want you to be around for many more years to have some fun with us here at NST.
I did, my dad did it too, when I don't feel it, my body works normal and they can't say whats wrong with me. I think its genetic, since my grandmother had it, my dad and me, maybe my sun will, too? :scared: So I tried checking it... nothing for years...
wish you the best of health peter hopefully you won't "snuff it" or we would lose a very important member of this community
Peter, that's quite disheartening news to bear! I'm sorry to hear that...

Then again, cheer up. There are people that had worse things than a bit of cholesterol stuck in their heart & arteries and lived quite a long time afterwards: people with wooden stakes shoved in their hearts, bullets in their brains, etc. and they lived to tell the tale.

I think it was even Andrew Jackson that had a bullet stuck in his heart, and that didn't stop him from being President of the USA!

Keep well!
On Monday I see my GP who first discovered the problem. I'm going to ask him about alternate therapy, plus maybe a second and even a third opinion regarding surgery.
We are supposed to be world leaders in heart surgery here, so I want to explore all the avenues available.
if you read my comment on the dolphin saving sperm whale forum but i wouldn't recommend putting saline water on your heart
p.s. i forgot to say that that was the recommended solvent ill go do that right now
good luck