SB Live! 24-bit and Dell Speakers


Member is the long story cut short (kind of...!)

I have a Dell Dimension which was running ok on XP. All the sounds were set great along with the speakers. I upgraded to Vista Business but ever since then, any sound only goes through one speaker! I have configured the speakers and when I do a test, all the speakers apart from 1 work! I have 5.1 configuration (with 5 speakers!) The only one that doesnt work when i do the test is the front right speaker. Its really strange as to why this happens but at the moment...its not the major problem!

Basically, I want to take advantage of all my speaker. I have updated the drivers and they seem to be ok - acording to Vista. I have tried audio through, WM Player, ITunes, and im currently listeing online and its only playing through one speaker. I may be missing something totally obvious and I apologise in advance!

Also, when I try to use the creative software I get the following error: The audio device supported by this application isnt detected.
When I tried to do a Creative Diagnostics (with Dell Support) It fails all the tests apart from the Hardware detection.

Hopefully someone can help!
Thanks Guru. I remember installing drivers from that site before when I had XP and completely forgot about it!

They seem to be working now although on one of the speakers i get a slight hissing sound. I reckon that could be the music though.

Another sub-question which you may also be able to help me with is about extension cables for my speakers! Where is the best place to get these from and what are the chances of getting them to work with the Dell Speakers?
I'd recommend getting them at your local retailer instead of online - that way you can be sure of what you're getting (there are so many different kinds!) and since they're relatively cheap any way, it won't be a difference money-wise.