Scenario with the separate /boot partition


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What about the scenario with the separate boot partition in Linux (or *nix in general)? Obviously chainloading to / will no longer work, and just pointing EasyBCD bootloader to /boot sounds kind of dumb :smile: Any comments will be appreciated!
Hi gearge, welcome to NST

I'm not sure why you'd assume it doesn't work. Many of us here have done just that. If you are having a problem rather than stating one let us know of the details and we'll try to help you.
You still point EasyBCD to the partition where GRUB is installed ***to the bootsector***

The physical location of GRUB's boot files (whether / or /boot/ or /timbuktu/) is not important - just the bootsector is. Be sure to install GRUB to the bootsector and point EasyBCD to that partition and you should be good to go.